Burghfield Santas. A group of local residents that create fun events in the RG7 community to raise money for local charities.
Our next event is Burghfest 2017, East-West Berkshire's best beer & music festival

BURGHFEST - 22nd & 23rd September 2017
Enjoy the very best live music and real beer festival in Burghfield. Tickets on sale Now.
BOXKART BASH - 24th June 2018
Wow, what a day. Loads of fun and over £24k raised for local charities. Thank you to all the teams and spectators for making this Burghfield's biggest most amazing event ever.  (in our opinion). See you next year
Bunny Hop
BUNNY HOP - April 2018
A guided trip into the wilderness of the 2a bus route from Mortimer to Reading hopping on and off at every pub. It's an excellent way to bond with friend or have a memorable time with another bunny.  
Santa Cruise
SANTA CRUISE - 16th December 2017
If you like wearing red suits and riding reindeer, this event is for you.  
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