About us, the santas

Husbands, fathers, adventurers, lovers, dog walkers, and a reindeer

Burghfield Santas - Charity Event Organisers - raising money for good causes
Attending a community or charity event is a pastime for some people, a time to relax, have fun and catch up with friends. For us, it's our passion. We wanted to combine our love for fun with our desire to do some good and help folks in the community.

My name is Red Santa One and I am a certified santa helper and fundraiser. My friend Rudolph and I have known each other for many years. Rudolph was once a santa, known as Red Santa Six but he never felt comfortable in the itchy red suit. One year he came out of the sleigh and confessed he'd always wanted to be a reindeer. There was something about the nose he said, it made him feel special and a bit taller.I like his fluffy white tail. He's a real reindeer now.
I have a few other friends, Red Santa Two and Red Santa Clipboard. Red Santa Clipboard is big on health and safety which is a bonus for us organising all these events. Red Santa Two is discrete and just does organising stuff in the background, he wears the big orange high vis vest given to him by Santa Clipboard.He likes his high vis vest.
12 years ago we went out for a few drinks after making and wrapping many presents, we wore our red suits and raised a little money for the Air Ambulance which was nice. We did this again and again many times and somewhere along the way we realised that charity fund raising is not just for Christmas but Easter too. The Bunny hop was born, closely followed by the Burghfest which satisfied our need for good music, good company & good local beer. Now our calender was looking much more complete except for June when the roads are dry and the nights are long. What could be better than racing our sleighs down the windey roads of our very own village. The Burghfield Boxkart Bash is now a reality.
Now we are proper santas, we make fun things and bring gifts of entertainment to our friends and family in our community and lots of support to local charities. We are the Burghfield Santas, we look forward to seeing you at our next event.

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